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VE Series Racks from Vertiv

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The Vertiv VE Rack is an innovative enclosure system that integrates your computing hardware, power management technologies and peripherals in data centers and computer rooms. It offers superior design and flexibility, allowing optimal data center performance and easy installation.  

The Vertiv VE Series Rack provides cooling, power distribution, cable management, and environmental monitoring infrastructure for application in IT environment.
  • Perforated doors for optimal front-to-rear air flow up to 75%
  • Tool-less mounting slots for vertical PDUs
  • Loading capacity of up to 1600 kgs

Vertiv VE rack is the ultimate solution designed and engineered for demanding data center environment. To achieve optimum versatility within the server rack, users can set multiple depths throughout the rack by adjustable 19-inch mounting rails mounted on heavy duty side supports. Horizontally divided side panels provide ease of access and convenient post-installation maintenance. Over 75% perforations on front and rear door enable optimum air flow within the rack. Flat-pack option enables savings up to 60% in the transport cost and warehouse space.

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