Lithium UPS Systems

With our UPS lithium battery UPS Systems, we can assure our customers that they will not only improve their business' energy storage capabilities but also protect your systems. By providing power-conditioning and battery backup to critical IT equipment, such as servers and network-gear, we can help ensure that your business-critical applications remain out of harm's way.

Our selection of UPS backup power units and accessories include:

  • The Vertiv GXT5 Lithium Series UPS Range is a lithium battery UPS. Available in three sizes, ranging from 1500VA (1.5kVA), 2200VA (2kVA), and 3000VA (3kVA), these sleek units are ideal for server rooms, network closets, and businesses with limited space.  With less frequent maintenance requirements than their VRLA equivalents, these units are also ideally suited for use in remote locations. They come with a 5 year warranty and are lighter and more powerful than their VRLA equivalents.
  • Vertiv Lithium Extend Battery Cabinets for the ITA2 Series UPS Systems.
  • Vertiv™ Edge Lithium-Ion line-interactive UPS provides both power conditioning and battery backup to critical IT equipment such as servers and network gear. This UPS protects against a wide range of power fluctuations and automatically switches to battery backup when power loss is detected and offers a 0.9 output power factor (PF) with a less than 6 millisecond transfer time to ensure your most critical assets are protected. Vertiv Edge Lithium-Ion UPS is available from 1500VA to 3000VA.

Visit Vertiv's website and learn more about Lithium-Ion UPS

Why Have us Supply you with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)?

We work closely with our clients to identify their power needs and consider critical requirements as well as many more elements before advising. With a team of knowledgeable technicians and friendly client service professionals, we can assist you and your business in becoming energy-savvy and safe.

Rather than taking chances with valuable information and electronic equipment, have us protect your IT systems with our affordable and trustworthy backup batteries.

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