Smart Cabinets

Our reliance on data storage and connectivity means that the standard cabinet may no longer be the best solution, even for a small branch office. Critical systems require a clean environment and adequate protection from physical intrusion. Our range of smart cabinets provides an all-in-one, unified solution for your IT infrastructure.

Features and Benefits of Our Data Centre Cabinets

Our cabinets are built to secure your hardware against theft, as well as to control access to the servers or contained equipment for the prevention of data theft or sabotage. However, this is where the similarities with standard IT cabinets end because Vertiv smart cabinets also offer you:

  • Integrated UPS. All components in the cabinet are powered by the integrated UPS. The output depends on the specific model but ranges from 1.5 to 5 kVA.
  • Integrated cooling. A small A/C unit maintains a constant temperature inside the cabinet. The unit automatically switches to fans only when the UPS runs off the batteries.
  • Centralised monitoring unit. All the integrated components of the cabinet are centrally monitored and controlled by a single management unit, either directly or through a remote connection.
  • Standard size. Our IT racks and cabinets conform to the industry standard and are thus suitable as drop-in replacements in existing server rooms or offices. Diverse sizes are available and can be specified according to your requirements.

Smart, unified IT cabinet solutions provide cost-effective power, thermal and infrastructure management solutions to help you achieve your IT objectives regardless of the size and complexity of your data room or data centre. Pre-configured and tightly integrated for rapid deployment and fully integrated from the core to the edge of the network, whether you require a smartrow cabinet for the office or data centre racks for the building, our smart cabinets are the answer.

For pricing and spec's on the best option for your requirements, contact the Power Quality Group team.  Visit our knowledge base for a brochure, or visit Vertiv to learn more.