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Liebert MTP 40kVA UPS - 01203944

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The new Vertiv™ Liebert® MTP is a monolithic transformer-free UPS, which delivers full active power by providing exceptional power availability to mission-critical applications. The internal Innovative design reduces its footprint to a minimum, providing continuous power protection with optimised internal runtime in a standalone solution, making the Liebert MTP perfect for IT applications.

Liebert MTP can achieve a remarkable efficiency level of up to 95.5% in proper online double conversion mode. Liebert MTP can further increase efficiency up to 98.5% by operating in ECO mode. The Liebert MTP makes your mission-critical space a peaceful place through its enhanced event analysis, voice notifications for alarms, and an intelligent colored multi-language touch screen LCD display. The architecture of Liebert MTP makes it exceptionally easy to install, connect, operate, maintain, and service, making it ideal for a wide range of small and medium business applications. Liebert MTP also comes equipped with casters to facilitate ease of movement and relocation.

Furthermore, Liebert MTP features multiple communication ports including dry contacts, SNMP, and Modbus which enables remote monitoring of the UPS system.

See Product Brochure for more info.

See Product Brochure for more info.

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