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GXE3-6000IRT4UXL - Liebert GXE On-Line 6kVA/6kW 230V

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Key Benefits

  • An affordable and reliable UPS that provides an essential set of features and capabilities such as online double conversion, unity output power factor (1.0) or a fast recharge time
  • Remote monitoring capabilities with the optional network management cards or Vertiv Power Insight free download software
  • Easy to manage and expand, thanks to its graphical and color LCD, hot-swappable user replaceable internal batteries, a flexible rack/tower form factor or the scalable runtime adding external battery cabinets
  • Optimized energy consumption with its high efficiency in online mode (up to 94%) or the ECO model for even higher efficiency (up to 98%)

Available in 6 or 10 kVA power ratings, it provides flexibility for mounting in either tower position or inside a rack cabinet, together with the IT equipment critical for any application. Moreover, the capability to add external battery cabinets provides scalable runtime for those applications requiring even a longer period of backup in case of AC mains failures.

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